OPTIMALS Urban Guard 3D Essence Serum 30ml


City skin needs anti-pollution skin care. Urban Guard 3D Essence Serum is dry skin and city skin’s first layer of moisture and defence. This weightless, leave-on Essence Serum helps to protect skin against urban aggressors during the day and restore skin vitality at night. Want glowing skin? With advanced hydration from Small Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol (Vitamin B5), this serum helps to fight dullness, soothe and soften skin. Plus, when the Essence Serum and Day Cream SPF 25 duo are combined they provide a shielding layer – with clinically proven pollution-protecting ingredient – fortifying your skin’s defence against daily urban life, environmental stress, and pollution particles.

Use: to guard your skin with a moisturising shield

Skin nutrition: Sea Pure Postbiotic helps purify, rebalance and repair your skin/ Panthenol soothes and softens/ Small Hyaluronic Acid helps deliver deep hydration within the skin

How it works: helps soothe, soften, moisturise and protect pollution-stressed skin with hard-working skin nutrients and naturally potent technology.



Your skin’s first layer of moisture and protection! This leave-on essence serum helps to guard your skin against environmental stressors during the day and helps restore skin’s vitality overnight. With small Hyaluronic Acid to deliver deep hydration.
Your skin’s first layer of moisture and protection
Helps replenish and repair the skin barrier overnight
Helps leave skin feeling softer, soothed, and more supple

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