OPTIMALS Urban Guard 3D Night Cream-50 ml

Fact – pollution can cause dull, dry skin. The good news: anti pollution skin care combats these signs. Override the daily damage your city skin undergoes with a nourishing night cream. Including Sea Pure Postbiotic to help replenish and purify stressed skin, antioxidant Polyphenols from Nordic Spruce help counterbalance the day’s environmental stresses and Medium Hyaluronic Acid designed to lock-in moisture, helping restore skin’s resilience and vitality overnight. With a rich, yet non-greasy texture, to help skin feel soft, smooth, and hydrated upon awakening.

Use: to nourish and help rebalance stressed city skin

Skin nutrition: Sea Pure Postbiotic/antioxidant-rich Polyphenols from Nordic Spruce/advanced hydration from Medium Hyaluronic Acid

How it works: helps replenish, rebalance, strengthen and repair the skin barrier while you sleep, with hard-working skin nutrients and naturally potent technology that help leave skin soft, hydrated, and healthy-looking.


Nourishing night cream helps strengthen and repair the skin barrier while you sleep. Formulated by our skin nutrition experts with polyphenol from Nordic Spruce, enhanced with advanced hydration and natural origin technology.
Replenishing nighttime care to override daily environmental stresses
Helps purify and rebalance pollution-stressed skin
Rich, non-greasy texture
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