Special Newborn Bundle


A BPA-free bundle range, includes:
Rattle Feeder 60ml: Made with PP material and BPA-free. The feeding bottle with the cap is a toy rattle for the baby’s fun and amusement.
Silicone Soother Teether: The 2-in-1 silicone plus teether. Promotes breathing from the nose and supports the baby’s natural oral development, manufactured with food-grade silicone.
Trio Teether: A set of 3 teethers, made with evaporene material. It helps soothe the baby’s sore gums.
Twin Cleaning Brush: Bottle & nipple cleaning brush set made with soft and durable nylon bristles. Sponge head to clean effectively and scratch-free.
Baby Wipes: Formulated to gently and effectively cleanse baby’s skin while changing or feeding time.

All good things come in a bundle. This limited-time offer includes a 60 ml rattle feeder, silicone soother teether, trio teether, cleaning brush, and wipes to give the best care to your baby.



A BPA-free bundle range, includes:
1* Rattle Cap Feeder 60 ml
1* Silicone Soother Teether
1* Trio Teether
1* Twin Cleaning Brush:
1* Baby Wipes

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